Storify’s new Pinterest style design


If you’ve not yet looked at the new, revamped Storify, you should. I’m not the only one who has noticed that there seems to be a nod to Pinterest, in that your home page presents you with a selection of ‘cards’ (be they tweets, links, pictures) mixed in date, as opposed to story, order.

That’s no accident, according to Storify co-founder Burt Herman, the aim is to draw you in “like a magazine” by showcasing different items. Magazines are of course inherently visual, and this is certainly the case with the new Storify.

Storify itself seems to be going from strength to strength. A SXSW interactive winner, Storify saw 30 million story views in the 30 days up to its redesign (20 November).

Storify was originally intended as a content curation tool for journalists and around news stories, but it has plenty of other uses too. For example, charity Vinspired says it provides a good way to showcase volunteer stories.

I’ve always thought it makes a better alternative to Pinterest for anyone wanting to produce a visual CV. On Rabbit’s part, we use it as our main way to showcase case studies.