Ten reasons why the visual web matters

I’ve given half a dozen or so presentations about why the so-called visual web matters, complete with countless stats.  So, to set the scene around what this site is all about, I’ve pulled out ten:

1 - As smartphone sales have increased, digital camera sales have gone down - by as much as 29% in the UK according to Mintel.  

2 - Mintel also says that 8% adults would just use their smartphone if their digital camera broke.  While that doesn’t sound like a lot, that equates to three million potential lost customers.

3 - In fact, 70% of all Facebook activity is now based on photos, while photos make up 42% of posts on Tumblr (Overgram via Rebecca Jordan).

4 - Certainly as of July, Facebook was seeing 300 million photos uploaded per day.

5 - And a picture really does say 1000 words: According to ROI Research, people are 44% more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures (via Fast Company).

6 - According to NY data analytics company SumAll, Engagement from Instagram users (defined as interacting with content) is 10x higher than it is on Twitter or Facebook.

7 - Related to that, not only does Instagram now have more daily mobile users in the US than Twitter, users are spending 51% more time on there (source - Comscore).

8 - Services such as Instagram are changing the way the news is perceived and reported.  On US election day 250,000 photos were uploaded.   

Meanwhile Instagram boss Kevin Systrom called Hurricane Sandy the biggest cell-phone documented event ever.

9 - Pinterest is now the fourth largest traffic driver worldwide - and the second biggest social media driver after Facebook.

10 - Some studies say Pinterest is actually doing better than Facebook in driving sales.   According to bizrate insights, 55% of Pinterest users have engaged with retailers and brands on the network compared to 48% of Facebook users

That’s ten for starters.  I’ll be using this site to explore some of these themes over the coming months.   Any suggestions for content?  Email me - dirk AT 8mpx.co.uk

(Image - b1ur via creative commons)

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