Welcome to 8mpx!

Hello, and welcome to 8mpx!   After blogging about statistics and research for the best part of five years I thought I’d try something new.

Over the past six months I’ve given various presentations on the so-called visual web.  Rabbit, the place where I work, has also made a name for itself on running campaigns on Instagram and Pinterest.  

Luckily, platforms such as Instagram and EyeEm also happen to be ones I’m personally active on and interested in.   

So, creating a site devoted to visual social media news and trends seemed like an obvious choice.

This site isn’t here to give out mobile photography tips or to review apps, there are lots of people (see the blog-roll) that do that much better than I ever can.   

Instead, I’ll comment on the whole spectrum of visual social media including photo-networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and its many competitors, mobile video networks such as Viddy and visually led blogging platforms such as Tumblr and Jux.

Thank you for visiting, and I’m always happy to hear of any content suggestions or comments - dirk AT 8mpx.co.uk

(Finally, a huge thanks to Kate Voisin, who is designing this site for me.  What you see now is a temporary version, it should all be done end of week 26 November!)